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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Black N' White Tag Tutorial

Tag Tutorial
Black N' White

Signature Tag - Black N White Registered & Protected 
This is an animated tag tutorial created in Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 and Animation Shop 3. The animation can be done in EZ GIF Animator or Ulead GIF Animator 5 as well.
I hope you enjoy this tutorial.
Please send me your finished tag. I would love to see your results!!
Contact me via the link at the bottom of this page.
What's needed: A 'good' working knowledge of PSP;
Corel PSP - Get a Free Trial .:Here:.
Alien skin Eye Candy 5 Textures plugin - Get it .:Here:.
(You will need this for the animation effect.)
Here are links for animation software: Animation Shop 3 ;
EZ Gif Animator
Font of Choice - I used the Alpha provided in the Black N' White Scrap Kit.
DMSK mask 0670 - get it .:Here:.
Download supplies
Tube of choice (it's best to have one that includes a closeup). I am using the gorgeous art of © Nicole Brune, (This is an 'exclusive AOTM' tube. To get these tubes you need to join "The Diamond Club" at Creative Design Outlet.) Ms. Brune's work may be licensed via Creative Design Outlet.
My Black N' White Scrap Kit
Download he scrap kit here it's a freebie from me
The wordart is created and copyrighted to me. You may
colorize these items to suit your tag. Please do not share my supplies with others or groups. Do not upload to file sharing sites or claim as your own. You may provide a link to his tutorial and a screen shot of this page.

Let's Get Started
(remember to 'save' often!)
Open a blank canvas 700x700 px, flood fill white. Copy and paste paper 6 as a new layer (or create your own background). Apply the mask of your choice. I used DMSK0670 Copy and paste the Gateway Frame (frame1). Add a white gradient glow using the settings in the diagram below.
Gradient Glow
Copy and paste the lamppost tube and place it behind the gateway frame on the left side towards the middle of the door (see my tag for reference). Add a drop shadow of H 2, V 2, opacity 50, blur 5. Copy and paste the Monument tube, resize 40% and place on the right side of the gateway entrance (see tag). Copy and paste your tube, resize if necessary.
Place the tube in front of, and right of the monument. Add a drop
shadow, I used V -10, H -14, opacity 50, blur 15. Open the Vase tube, copy and paste to your canvas resize 70% and move it to the left side of the gateway and place at the edge of the gate.
Add a drop shadow of H 5, V 5, opacity 50, blur 5. Open the Urn tube copy and paste and duplicate once. Resize one 40% and the other 30%. Add drop shadow of H -4, V 4, opacity 55, blur 5, to both. Place them on the right side of the gateway in front of your tube (see my tag for reference). Copy and paste the wordart 1 "Enter" from my supplies, resize 80% and place it in the center of the rectangle at the top of the gateway. Now copy and paste the wordart 2 to the center of the gateway opening.
Copy and paste the 'Key' tube, resize 30%, rotate right 47 degrees, add the same 'Gradient Glow' that we put on the Gateway frame. and place under wordart 2. Now for the finish, if you have a closeup with your tube, place it at the top of the tag
and change the layer 'blend mode' to 'Soft Light' (see my tag for reference). Now image resize - 'all layers' checked, 80%.
Now add copyright info and your name, I used the Alpha in the kit for my name.
If you are not animating, delete the white layer merge all layers and save as .png or flatten all layers and save as .jpeg.

Move the closeup layer to just above the mask layer. Close off all layers except the bottom 4 (closeup, lamppost, mask, and white background), merge these layers. Close this layer, open the Urns and the Vase, activate the Vase layer, merge visible. Close this layer. Open the remaining layers EXCEPT the Gateway. Activate the top layer, merge visible. You should now have 4 layers. Close the top layer and activate and open the Gateway layer. With the Selection tool 'lasso' set at Point to Point (see diagram below), trace the marble floor.
Lasso Selection
Now activate the Urns and Vase layer; change the Selection tool to the 'Magic Wand' and use the settings in the diagram below.
Magic Wand Selection
Select the
Vase and the Urns. Merge this layer with the Gateway and duplicate twice. Click on the first merged Gateway layer and apply Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact Texture filter/Texture Noise with the settings in the diagram below.
EC5 Texture Noise
Apply to the other 2 layers hitting the random seed button each time. Deselect. O K, now close the 2nd and 3rd Gateway layers. Click on the top layer to activate it, 'copy merged' and paste into your animation software as a 'new animation'. Back to PSP, close the 'red eye' on the 1st Gateway layer and open the 2nd layer. Copy merged and paste 'after current frame' in your animation software. Repeat with the last Gateway layer in PSP. Change your frame properties/speed to 17, save as a .gif file.
I wrote this tutorial on October 13, 2011, any resemblance to another is unintentional and coincidental.

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