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The Way You Make Me Feel - Signature Tag Tutorial

Signature Tag by Lil Dymun Registered & Protected 
This is a Signature Tag tutorial written by me on June 25, 2012 any resemblance to another is coincidental as I have not seen a Signature Tag like this one.
You will need a working knowledge of Corel's Paint Shop Pro Photo or an older version of the product issued by Jasc Software. I use PSP X2, any version should work. The current version is PSP X4 you may obtain a Trial version HERE
I also used Alien Skin's Eye Candy 5 impact - Chrome, Extrude, Glass and Perspective Shadow filters, the current version is '6' you can get a Trial version HERE
I used the awesome art of © Jussta. I used a FTU tube and a PTU tube that I purchased at Indie-Zine which is now closed.
You will also need my Template with Mask included, you may download it Here, and my FTU 'I Love Music' scrap kit HERE
OK, I think we are ready to get started. Now there are two ways to do this, you may work directly on the template or a blank canvas. I will give instructions for a blank canvas.
Open a 700x700 pixels, 'Resolution' 72 pixels blank canvas. Open the Template, copy and paste all layers except the mask (and copyright of course) to your canvas [Note: I have linked together the shape groups in the template to make it easier to manipulate sections, if you need to, you can un-link them in the layers Palette]
Open 'Paper 2' from the scrap kit and paste it to your canvas, move it to the bottom. Using the 'color changer' tool (the 2nd option of the 'flood fill/bucket' tool), change the color of the paper using rgb 240;220;162. Copy and paste the mask to your PSP workspace. Click on your tag, select the 'paper' layer. Now click on the'Layers' tab in the tool bar and select 'New Mask Layer', then select 'From Image'. In the next window select the 'mask' image from the drop down menu; 'Source Luminance' checked and 'Invert Mask Data' checked, click 'OK'. Merge the 'mask group layers' add a drop shadow of 2,2,100,2,black. Highlight the 'horizontal rectangle' layer and select it with the 'magic wand' Selection tool. Copy and paste element 'vocalscale.png' right above the horizontal rectangle layer, place so the entire rectangle is covered. Under the 'Selections' tab in the tool bar click on 'Invert Selection' then hit delete in your keyboard, then under the "selections' tab, 'Select None'. Next, highlight the'vertical rectangle', select it with the 'magic wand'. Copy and paste 'paper 1' above the vertical rectangle, invert the selection as with the horizontal rectangle and hit delete. Copy and paste the 'Michael Jackson' ©Jussta, (or tube of choice) above the 'vertical rectangle' [if you are using the Michael Jackson tube, duplicate it twice, merge the three layers and re-size 71%], re-size your tube if necessary. You may also add a drop shadow to your tube if appropriate, none is needed for the MJ tube. Place the tube above the 'paper 1' layer and position to your liking (or use my tag for reference). On the tube layer hit delete on your keyboard and then 'Select None' as before. Click on the 'circle' layer. Select it with the 'magic wand' tool. Copy and paste 'paper 4', do the same as with the previous layers, invert selection, delete, select none. Now highlight the 'horizontal rectangle border' layer. Apply Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact - Chrome, see the diagram below for settings.
Eye Candy 5 Impact - Chrome diagram
Add a drop shadow of 2, 2, 100, 2, black. Do the same to the other borders. Click on the wordart layer 'The Way You Make Me Feel', apply the Chrome effect. On the same layer apply Alien Skin Eye candy 5 Impact - Extrude, with the settings in the diagram below

Eye Candy 5 Impact Extrude diagram

Add the same drop shadow as on the borders. Add the same drop shadow twice to the wordart layer 'Ain't Nobody's Business'. Open your main tube, re-size if necessary and place it over the 'circle' layers and below the wordart layers. I added a drop shadow of 2,2,55, Now add embellishments from the "I Love Music" scrap kit. I chose the Boom Microphone, CD and MP3 Player. I used Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact - Perspective shadow on the mic and cd. Below is a screen shot of the settings I used with the cd.

Eye Candy 5 Impact Perspective Shadow diagram

I moved the frame and adjusted the nodes in the selection when I applied the filter with the same settings to the Boom Stand and Microphone. You will need to play with the settings based on the embellishments you choose.
Now is the time to re-size your tag. Add the copyright info and your name or whatever text. The font I used is 'Bickham Script Pro' at 100 pixels (it's a Pay Font fomr Adobe products) and with the 'Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact - Glass' filter applied, these are the settings used
Bickham Script Pro 100px; stroke 1; kern 10; foreground=240,220,162; background=220,123,27 glass= color=240,220,162, field values=[13,0,0,16,69,7,27,2.05,79] click the adjust tab and 'Sharpen'; Drop Shadow=2,1,100,2
. Save as .jpg or .png, You're done.
This tutorial was written by, and copyrighted to Lil Dymun for DymunArt™ Creations, thanks for trying it, please send me your results, I would love to see them and post them in the Gallery. All of my tutorials are registered with TWI (Tutorial Writers Inc.)
Signature Tag by Lil Dymun

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