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Devony Signature Tag Tutorial

Signature Tag by DymunArt™ Creations

Registered Tutorial with Tutorial Writers Inc.

This tutorial was written by me on April 19, 2014, any resemblance to another is coincidental. This will be quick and easy, however you will need to know the basic functions of Corel Paint Shop Pro (PSP) and how to use filters/plugins.
.:Paint Shop Pro:. (free trial)
.:AlienSkin Eye Candy:. Plugin filter.
This tag was created with my "Devony" scrap kit and the awesome artwork of 'Lia' both are 'free to use' (FTU) and you snag them .:HERE:. You will also need my Mask 7, which you can snag .:HERE:.

OK, let's get started
Open a blank canvas 600x600 px, 72 dpi resolution. Open paper5 from the scrap kit, copy and paste to your canvas, resize paper 80% and apply 'mask7'. Delete empty layer. Open element 'dev18' copy and paste to your canvas, resize 70%, add drop shadow -4,11,50,17,black. Move this layer above the mask layer. Open Wordart 'wa4' copy and paste to the canvas above the 'cluster' layer, resize 50%. With the 'Selection - Freehand' tool, set to 'Point to Point' 'feather' = 0, draw a Selection around the text only, see diagram below
Selection Diagram
now apply Eye Candy 5 Impact - Extrude filter with the settings shown in the diagram below
Extrude Diagram
De-select, move the Wordart to the top of the tag with a portion over the fence (see my tag for reference). Add a drop shadow of -2,-6,40,8, color = #219;170;206, repeat drop shadow but change the color to black. In the 'Adjust' tab on the tool bar, click 'Sharpen' - "Sharpen'. Copy and paste 'tube 1' to the canvas, resize 65% move to the right side, add drop shadow of 2,8,80,15, black. (For those not animating) Open element 'dev31' add the same drop shadow as the tube, place at the bottom of the left side of the tag just above the Princess' gown (see my tag for reference). 'merge visible'. If you are going to resize your tag do so now. Add Lia's copyright and you may credit the kit if you like. Now add your name or other text. I used the font 'Anglia Olde Concise' with color #173;139;163 and the Eye Candy Extrude settings from above and an added drop shadow of 0,13,100,6,black. You may save as a .png or flatten to a jpg.

Now for animating. DO NOT ADD THE FROG. After you have added the copyright info and your name, flatten the image ('Merge All'), copy and paste into Animation Shop as a 'New Animation'. Duplicate the frame 15 times for a total of 16 frames, go to 'Edit' 'Select All', then click on 'Animation' - Frame Properties' , set to '20'. Open the Animation file 'dev_animatedfrog.mng', click on 'Edit' - 'Select All', place your mouse on the frog in frame 1 and drag it to frame 1 of your tag and place it at the bottom on the Princess' gown. Test to see if placement is where you want it. If all is good, save as a 'gif' file. Thanks for working this tutorial and for visiting my blog.
I hope you enjoyed it, I would love to see tags you make from it. Email me your results by clicking the link below.

Lil Dymun

Signature Tag by DymunArt™ Creations Registered & Protected 

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