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Friday, April 4, 2014

Violet - Signature Tag Tutorial

Signature Tag By DymunArt™ Creations

This Tutorial is copyrighted and registered at Registered & Protected 

UPDATE: My 'Gold 'N Violet' Scrap is now FTU effective July 1, 2014, the download is now free, however the Tube is no longer included as a condition of conversion to FTU per Ms. Jensen's TOU

This Signature tag tutorial was created in PSP X2 on April 4, 2014 by me and copyrighted to me, Lil Dymun and registered with Tutorial Writers Inc. Any resemblance to another tag or tutorial is completely coincidental.
This will be quick and easy
What's needed: A 'good' working knowledge of PSP;
Corel PSP - Get a Free Trial .:Here:.
Alien skin Eye Candy 5 Impact plugin - Get it .:Here:.
You will need my supplies .:HERE:.
You will need to put the file 'gve63_©DAC.pspSelection' into your 'Selections' folder (commonly found in your 'My Douments/My PSP Files/...). Put the ©DAC_front1.fls into your Eye Candy 5 Impact - Perspective Shadow (or shadow) 'Settings' folder which is located in your 'Plugins' folder. GO to 'My Documents', then 'My PSP Files, then 'Plugins'. Then Open the 'Alien Skins' folder and then the 'Eye Candy 5' folder, then the 'Impact' folder, then the 'Perspective Shadow' or 'Shadow' folder, then the 'Settings' folder and copy or move the file there.
To make this tag I used the art of Enamorte, This is a Tube made available to members of The Diamond Club at Creative Design Outlet, you may license the artists images there. I also used my "Gold and Violet" Scrap Kit, you can get it .:HERE:. (of course you can use any tubes or kits you like :D) You will also need my Mask 9, which you can snag .:HERE:.
it's a 'freebie'.
Now, let's get started!
Open a blank 600x600px 72dpi canvas. Go to 'Selections' and 'load from disk' my Selection 'gve63_©DAC.pspSelection' file. Open element 'gve63' frame, copy and paste to your canvas, resize the frame 65%. Move the frame so that the Selection is in the center of the frame. Delete the bottom (empty) layer. Open 'paper 11', copy and paste to the canvas under the frame, resize paper 80%, invert Selection and hit delete on the paper layer. De-select and 'merge visible'. Open paper 16, copy and paste to your canvas and move it under the frame layer. Resize the paper 70% and apply 'Mask 9'. Resize this layer 90% and with the move tool', move the mask layer up so that no portion is seen below the frame (be sure to keep this layer as the bottom). Now above your mask layer copy and paste element 'gve60' resize 80%. Copy and paste your tube above the frame and resize if necessary. (Note: a headshot with shoulders works best). Use the 'move tool' with the 'Pick' option to place and rotate the tube in the frame (see diagram below)
Pick Tool Diagram
Now apply Eye Candy 5 Impact 'Perspective Shadow' using my preset. (see diagram below)
Perspective shadow diagram
(Hint: I erased the top portion of the tube shadow that covered the 'frame' shadow to give a more realistic appearance.)
Merge the tube layer to the frame. OK, Almost done! Open element 'gve8' resize 50%, place it on the left side of your tag under the frame layer. Copy and paste element 'gve73' resize 50%, place it to the right of the Crystal Globe (see my tag for reference) add a subtle drop shadow. Copy and paste element 'gve18' resize 35%, place it on top of the gold Basket, add the same drop shadow and merge the 2 together. Copy and paste element 'gve58' to your canvas, resize 80%, 'mirror' and place on the right side of your tag under the frame layer. Add a subtle drop shadow. Copy and paste element 'gve17' resize 50% and place it above the tube in the left corner of the frame (see my tag for reference) add a drop shadow of choice. I used Eye Candy 5 Impact Perspective Shadow setting 'Reflect in Front - Faint' and in the Basics tab 'Reflect Selection Color' and 'Mask Selection' both ticked. If you want to resize your entire tag, do it now. Add artist copyright info. Now add your name or other text. The font I used is 'Anglia Olde Concise' at 100px, foreground - nil, background - 111,0,87; drop shadow - 3,0,100,5 and the same color. Save as .png or flatten to .jpg if you prefer.
Below is a tag that features a tube that is included in the 'Gold and Velvet' scrap kit. So as you can see this tutorial also works with a full body tube. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I would love to see tags you make from it. Email me your results by clicking the link below.

Lil Dymun

Signature Tag by DymunArt™ Creations

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