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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Lady In Pink - Signature Tag Tutorial

Signature Tag by Lil Dymun Registered & Protected 
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This tutorial was written by me on August 15, 2014, any resemblance to another is coincidental.
You will need to know the basic functions of Corel Paint Shop Pro (PSP) and how to use filters/plugins. I used PSPX2, however all versions will work.
You may purchase or get the 30 'trial' versions of the software I used at the links below:
.:Paint Shop Pro:.
.:AlienSkin Eye Candy:. Plugin filter.
You will need my supplies
Lady In Pink supplies download
(file size 492kb)Please read the .readme file included for instructions for installing the PSP resources.
I am using the art of © Irmino Pin Oops! You may purchase this tube at Creative Design Outlet, of course you may use any tube you want.
Here we go!
Open a 600x600 px blank canvas. Make your image resolution 72 dpi (unless you already have it set at 72 dpi as your default). Open your tube, copy and paste the full body and larger closeup layers to your canvas. Delete the 'empty' layer, close the 'full body' layer and move the 'closeup' tube layer to the bottom. In the 'Materials' palette using RGB values, put 222,23,100 in the 'Foreground', and 254,183,210 in the 'Background'. If you are using a different tube, with the 'color Picker' choose a dark color and a light color from your tube and place in the 'Foreground' and 'Background' of the 'Materials' palette.
(From here on I will refer to the items in my supplies, you may use your own if you wish)
Open lip_paper copy and paste it below your bottom layer. Apply my mask DAC_maskltlul.jpg; 'Source luminance', 'Fit to layer', and 'Show all mask' ticked. Merge the 'Mask Group' layers and resize this layer 80%. Now click on the bottom (tube) layer and move it to the center of the mask. Resize if necessary. With the 'Eraser' tool erase any part of the tube outside of the mask. Now move this layer to the bottom. Click on the mask layer, now add a new layer above it. Click on 'Selections' and in the drop down menu click on 'Load/Save Selection' - 'Load Selection from disk' find my Selection - "DAC_rec1.PspSelection" 'Source luminance' and 'Replace selection' ticked, click 'Load'. 'Flood fill' the border with your foreground color.
Selections Diagram
In the Selections tab click 'Select none'. Click on the 'Effects' tab, '3d effects', 'Inner Bevel' and apply with the settings in the diagram below
Inner Bevel Diagram
on the Tool bar, click on the 'Selection/Magic Wand' tool with the 'Magic Wand' selected - Mode: 'Add (Shift); Match Mode: 'RGB Value; Tolerance: '19', Contiguous - 'ticked', Feather: '2', Anti-alias: 'ticked'. With the 'Magic Wand' click inside the rectangle. Add a new layer below the rectangle and 'flood fill'with gradient Delirium_5_DAC or your color/gradient of choice. Apply Alien Skin Eye Candy Textures - 'Texture Noise' using the settings in the diagram below:
Texture Noise Settings Diagram
De-select. Click on the 'rectangle frame' layer and merge down with the rectangle. Add a drop shadow of choice, I used 2,2,55,8, color, 138,0,0. Open the Pink Rose tube, copy and paste it above the rectangle. Resize the rose 50%, rotate left 20°, place it on the left bottom corner of the rectangle. Add a drop shadow of choice, i used 6, -12, 40, 8 color= 138,0,0. Duplicate this layer and 'Mirror, place on bottom corner of right side of the rectangle, merge down. Open the wordart, copy and paste it above the roses layer. Move the wordart to circle the top of the mask. (see my tag for reference)Add a drop shadow of choice, I used 4,10,55,5, color=138,0,0. Open the Pink Bracelet, copy and paste it below the 'Rectangle' layer, position it to fit right below the wordart. I did not add a drop shadow, you may if you wish. 'Un-hide' the top (tube) layer, resize it 80%, apply drop shadow of choice. I used Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact - 'Perspective Shadow'. I have provided you the setting via the 'DAC_rsreflect.fls' file. The diagram below shows where to locate and apply the setting.
Perspective Shadow Diagram
If are going to resize your tag, do so now. Now add the artist copyright and other applicable credits. Add your text (name, etc.). The font I used is called 'Flower' available at Fonts 101. Apply a drop shadow of choice, I used 4,10,55,5 color= 138,0,0. 'Merge visible' and save as a .png or 'merge all' and save as .jpg'
Thanks for working this tutorial and for visiting my blog.
I hope you enjoyed it, I would love to see tags you make from it. Email me your results by clicking the link below.

Lil Dymun
Signature Tag by DymunArt™ Creations
Art © Very Many

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