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Monday, October 31, 2011

Toosh Fall Tag Tutorial

Signature tag by DymunArt™ Creations Registered & Protected 
This tutorial was written in PSP X2, to make this tag you need to know how
to use Corel's Paint Shop Pro Photo and Plugins(filters). Get a Free Trial .:Here:.
Plugins used
are (these are optional)
1.) Alien skin Eye Candy 5 Impact plugin - Get it .:Here:.
2.) KPT5 Shapeshifter get it .:Here:.
I also used DMSK mask 0670 - get it
You will need my Gradient glow preset if you
want the same effect that I have on my text. You will need to place the file in the
'glow' folder (inside the 'settings' folder)in your Alien Skin Eye Candy 5 Impact folder
where you have your plugins stored. [note: you can place it in Eye Candy 3 or 4000
also]. Click here to download my preset.
I used the art of © Toosh Toosh and
Magical Falls Scrap kit by Disysas Digital Designs get the kit .:Here:.
O K, let's get started
Open paper Disyas_Mfall_P3, copy and paste as a new image. Apply the
mask. Open element Disysas_MFall_El45 (falling leaves), resize 80%, move to top
left of background (see my tag for reference). Change layer 'blend mode' to
Luminance. Copy and paste element Disysas_MFall_Nature8 (leaf), resize 50%, place
where ever you like, I chose the right side of my tag below the falling leaves
element. Change layer 'blend mode' to 'Soft Light'. Copy and paste element
Disysas_MFall_El21(ladder), resize 50%, add a drop shadow of V-2, H-5, Opacity 50,
blur 5. Place under the tree on your
background. Now open Disysas_MFall_El10 (lantern) resize 30% and hang it where
you like in the tree. Copy and paste Disysas_MFall_Border11 and place it at the
bottom of the tag. With the 'Pick' tool strectch the border to go across the bottom of the background scene. Now copy and paste your tube(s), resize as necessary and place
where you like on your tag. Now extract 2 colors from your tubes and place in the
foreground and background of the 'Materials Palette'. We are going to create the text for the top of the tag. You will be placing the text on a curve. If you have never done this there is a great tutorial here. Draw your elipse with the settings in the diagram
Elipse settings diagram
Place the
text tool cursor at the top center of the elipse and type your text. I used
BernhardFashionHMK @43px you can get it here.. Now move your text to the top of your tag as in the
diagram below
Text placement diagram
Apply a
Gradient Glow using the 'whiteblackneon' setting you placed in the Eye candy
software that you are using. [note: layer must be converted to a raster layer before
applying the filter] The diagram below shows where to locate the setting.
Gradient Glow Setting
Merge all visible layers. Now is the
time to resize our tag. I resized mine by 75% and then cropped it. Add your
artist/copyright info and your name.
For my name I used the font 'Princess Lulu' @ 72 px, you can get it here. I used a gradient I created from the 2 colors I chose from
my tubes and placed in my fore and background in the Materials Palette. Apply KPT 5
Shaper Shifter filter or an Inner Bevel to your name. After you have typed your name
and converted the layer to raster, select all of the text with the magic wand. I
feathered the selection 5px. If you add KPT5 Shapeshifter, see the diagram
below for reference.ShapeShifter diagramMerge your layers to either flatten
for .jpeg or merge visible and save as a .png file.
I wrote this tutorial on October
29-31, 2011. Any resemblance to another is absolutely coincidental as I have not
seen one like this. I hope you enjoy it. Please send me your tags from this
tut, I would so love to see them.
Thanks so, so much for trying it out! :)
Contact: Lil Dymun
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