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This is my first tutorial. I wanted to create
something that would be a little different from the norm.
You will need to have an working knowledge of PSP. I use Corel PSP XI.
In this tutorial you will be creating the picture frame and frame
accents for this tag.
Supplies needed:
Corel PSP - Get a Free Trial .:Here:. ;
Alien skin Eye Candy 5 Impact Plugin - .:Here:.
Fire .:Mask:. Right click and save
to your mask folder.
Click to download Diamond tube to your hard drive.
Tube of your choice, I used the art of © Daniel Esparza
Font of your choice. I used "Slide" @ 75 pixels.
Let's get started!
Open a blank transparent canvas 600x600 pixels. Open your tube copy
and paste as new layer, resize if necessary.
Choose a dark color from
your tube and flood fill the canvas.
Selections/Select all/Modify/Select
Selections Borders/Inside selected/width = 80/Invert/delete/Select
Next click on Image/Resize = 50%; (resize all layers 'unchecked').
Go to 'Effects'/Alien skin Eye Candy 5
Impact/Glass, [see diagram below and apply the settings
Alien Skin Eye Candy Glass Filter

Duplicate layer. Move Frame 1 to the top right of your canvas. Move the 2nd frame to form a 'chain type' link with Frame 1.
Activate your tube layer. Edit/Copy.
Activate the Magic wand tool with these settings: Mode(Add Shift); Feather(0); Anti-alias(checked).
Activate Frame 1. Click inside Frame 1.
Selections/Modify/Expand= 20.
Edit/Paste into selection/Select none.
Repeat for Frame 2. With Frame 2 active, go to:
Image/Free rotate/Left/40 Degrees. Merge the 2 frames only.
Click on the Preset shape tool. Choose an
embellishment to compliment your tag. (I chose the glasses for
On the materials palette have the dark color from your tube
in the foreground and the background 'null' or a color/gradient of
your choosing.
(Note: The preset tool creates a 'vector' layer, convert
to raster before applying the filter.)
Create your accents and apply the
Eye Candy Glass effect using the same settings as the frame.
Duplicate as many layers as you need and place your accents on the frame. Merge these layers.
Now, with your tube layer hidden and the frame layer
active, go to Effects/Texture effects/Blinds; and apply these
settings: Width - 5 Opacity - 75 Color - White Horizontal and Light from left/top 'unchecked'.
Click OK.
Open Diamond string tube, Copy and paste string onto
Frame 1. Place on left side of frame.
Duplicate layer rotate left 40 degrees and place on Frame 2. Merge these two layers onto the frame.(Note: You should have 2 layers, your tube and the frames.)Layers/New raster layer/;
Select a light color from your tube and flood fill the canvas.
Layers/Load Mask From Disk; select the Fire mask provided. (See the diagram below and apply these settings).
Mask Diagram

Layers/merge group. Layers/New raster layer;
flood fill with dark color from tube or other color/ gradient of
choice. Move this layer to the bottom.
Merge the mask and bottom layer.
Activate the frame layer and add drop shadow of choice.
Activate your tube layer, add drop shadow of choice.
Layers/merge visible.
Go to Image/Add borders, all sides 'checked' size = '9',
color = 'white'.
Selections/select all/Modify/Select selections
borders; Inside 'checked', Anti-alias 'unchecked', border width = '9'.
Click Ok, then hit delete on your keyboard. Flood fill the space with
the dark color from your tube. Effects/3D effects/Drop shadow
with these settings: Vertical '2', Horizontal '2', Opacity
'70', Blur '3.00', color 'Black'; repeat the drop shadow with
these settings: Vertical '-2', Horizontal '-2', Opacity '70', Blur
'3.00' color 'black'. Effects/3D effects/Inner Bevel (see diagram below and apply these settings.)
Inner Bevel 
Selections/Select None.
Now for the finishing touch add your text and copyright info and resize if desired; 'save as' Jpeg.
I hope you enjoy this tag as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Hugz N' Luv

This tutorial is created and written by me. Any resemblance to another is totally coincidental and unintentional. This tutorial is to be used for non-commercial purposes only. You may share this tutorial in PSP groups. Tubes and Mask used here were obtained from group shares. All copyrights belong to the original creators.

Cool Diva Tutorial © Lil Dymun/DymunArt™ Creations
February 20, 2008, all rights reserved.
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