Wednesday, October 22, 2014

FTU Tube Share © Popeye Wong "Halloween 2014" -- UPDATE!!

Hi friends, I have reworked and improved both Tubes. If you downloaded the Tube before 8 pm Pacific time 10-22-2014, please delete the file and re-download the Tube. I apologize for this but the previous version is very bad as I was working on it late and was hurrying to get it to you, I missed quite a few steps. I also used a cleaner image this time so the quality is much better! The link has been RE-ENABLED
Thank you for your patience.
Hiya! Here is the new © Popeye Wong "Halloween 2014" gift. I have extracted 2 Tubes for you from the image. You may view Mr. Wongs TOU by clicking on the link in the right column of this page. Click on the preview or text link below to download the Tube.
Thank you, have fun creating!
Halloween 2014 by Popeye Wong download and preview

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arabena said...

I get this:
This file is no longer available.
The file you are trying to access is no longer available for download.
Contact the owner if you have any questions.

Debbie Wells said...

Thank you for sharing :)\\