Monday, March 9, 2015

6 New Desktop Wallpapers

Tonight I am sharing 6 Desktop Wallpapers I made. I made one for a group challenge and that got me on a roll, Since Spring is rapidly approaching, I made a couple with the season in mind. All are 1920x1080px. Please do not print these Wallpapers, you may view my full TOU here. Click on the preview or text link below it to download the Wallpaper. Thank you for snagging my creations.

Nubian Wallpaper download and preview

"50 Shades of Gray"
50 Shades of Gray Wallpaper download and preview

"Caron Vinson - Spring"
Caron Vinson Spring Wallpaper download and preview

Perfection Wallpaper download and preview

Delirious Wallpaper download and preview

"Maxine Gadd - Spring"
Maxine Gadd Spring Wallpaper download and preview

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Dawn McFadden said...

Thank you I just got a new laptop and have been setting it up and can use some really cute wallpapers

Margaret Cortez said...

TYVM! Snagged Caron Vinson - Spring! Lovely <3 have it as my wallpaper now on my pc!!!

Magda said...

Beautiful!! Thanks so much!!

Kathy St.Pierre said...

Omergawd!! Lil these are great!! *snagged* I love this Janesko also that u have in the cdo contest-girl u must have started tagging and such since you were knee high to a coke bottle! TYSVM for so many shares and different types of shares-you are awesome!
Hugs K.