Saturday, June 25, 2016

My first Signature Tag made in Adobe Photoshop!

Hello friends and fans! I completed beginning and advance Adobe Photoshop(College courses) and have made my first Signature Tag with the software. I feel pretty good about my first tag. Still adding Styles, Actions and such to the application. I still prefer working in PSP, so many of my projects will be be worked in both applications with some elements I will design in Adobe Illustrator. I have completed beginning Illustrator and will be taking advanced Illustrator in the future. Let me know what you think about this Tag.
Thank You!

Signature Tag created by Lil Dymun Art © Alan Ayers


Dawn McFadden said...

A very nice tag I like Adobe Photoshop for the many styles, brushes, patterns and shapes it has but I'm more comfortable in PSP when it comes to tags and find myself using both for different reasons still your tag rocks

Unknown said...

Wow, great tag!